Desk 2 - Twin Power Point

DESK 2 is a multiple-socket outlet that can be equipped with various communication modules. The aluminium multiple-socket outlet has been designed for flexible use in the office, meeting rooms, home offices or desk-sharing environments. The connections are screwed onto the standardised module windows and can be easily changed over. 

$150.00 (tax incl.)
  • White
  • Grey
  • tabletop
  • Clipped to the edge of tabletop
More Info

The power socket can be clipped to the edge of the tabletop and secured using the given hex key or temporary adhered to the desk. Each DESK 2 power socket outlet comes with a set of adhesive base set that can be adhered to the tabletop. Comes with 2 x 15W 3-pin power outlets and 2 x smart USB chargers.


  • Design solution for modern workstations
  • User-focused 35° orientation
  • No holes required on tabletop or desk
  • Custom versions for futureproofing

Colour of Socket: Black

Technical Specs:

The power socket distribution unit is slim and compact with a mount that can support it's own. The support is made out of Aluminium and is secured by high impact end cap assemblies. The power main plug comprises of a 13A fused and detachable cable to power distribution socket unit with pin connectors with a maximum operating power rating of 300W and 16A operated at 230V, 50HZ. The power outlet is a type "G" three pin plug and the distribution unit is protected with a fuse. The USB smart charger is compatible with Type A and Type C charging cables, with the output power of 5VDC and a 3.1A maximum input power of 240VAC 100mA.


Data sheet

(W x H x D):197mm x 85mm x 100mm, Tabletop Thickness: 10-40mm (applicable to mounted only). See attachments for specs.
Aluminium Profile, Plastic Socket
Power Module
2 x Power Point (UK Type G)
USB Module
1 x Dual USB Charger 3.1A
Socket colour
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